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If you are new in town and seeking a good time without commitment, professional escorts might be your missing link. No matter your fetish, you can employ a professional escort’s services and proceed to enjoy yourself.

Why I Became an Escort

Seven years ago, I never thought I would join the escort industry. But again, life happens. Initially, life was good, and paying bills was not challenging. As a country girl, I was just fresh in London when I secured a job as a waiter at a renowned restaurant.

Two years into the job, the manager walks in and reveals that the company is going under a recession. As such, the firm was considering downsizing on its staff. Unluckily, I found myself on the list of people facing the sack.

Life was now more challenging than I anticipated. I tried to secure an alternative job in town, but my efforts bore no fruits. Five years ago, my colleague introduced me to the escort industry. At this point, I was desperate and willing to go the extra mile to receive cash. Together, we joined an exclusive London escort agency. To this date, I have never regretted the decision.


My first experience was as exciting as it was memorable. I met my client at a five-star hotel. He had booked my services for the weekend. Although I was apprehensive, I had resolved to create a great first impression with my first-time client.

Having earned knowledge from experienced counterparts, I knew what to expect. After dressing up and carrying my necessities, I proceeded to our rendezvous point, where he picked me up in his sleek car. After complimenting me, he told me he needed me as his plus one for a dinner event.

We entered the exclusive party at five O, Clock. I instantly fell in love with rich people’s lifestyles. Everything was meticulous, and we bonded well that you would think we are an actual couple. The client was pleased with my services and promised to find me on his next visit to town.

I have since met many clients and attended prestigious events in my experiences as an escort. Life is again on track as I can afford my lavish lifestyle. I have my car, and I rented a cozy apartment of my own.

Merits of Being an Escort

Being an escort comes with its fair share of advantages. Such benefits include;

• Pay- From experience, the job pays well. However, as the money starts pouring in, it would be best to have a sound financial plan and savings.

• Flexibility of Work- Unlike other jobs, you will find flexibility in schedule working as an escort.

• Connections- Over my practice, I have met with influential moguls and distinguished clients. You can use this to your advantage and identify even greener pastures.

• Wide Selection- Most escort agencies have a wide range of escorts to choose from. If you fancy a teen or mature milf, you can have your preferred choice at the right price.

Disadvantages of Being an Escort

Similar to any commitment, the escort job has demerits as well. Some of the challenges experienced include;

• Insecurity- Since most escort work is conducted at night, being an escort exposes you to numerous insecurity challenges.

• Health- Escort is a risky business. Therefore, you should take care of yourself by ensuring safe practices.

Although life gets complicated at times, you should consider several factors before choosing to become an escort.

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