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Life as a London Escort

Working as an escort has both its benefits and disadvantages. When you’re an escort in central London, you should be ready to expect anything – from making good money to sometimes not earning enough. It’s just similar to any other business.

Having been in this business for several years now, I can confidently say it’s not such a bad idea for anyone to consider joining the industry. However, you should expect to hit a few bumps on the road as you take the journey to become a professional escort.

London is a huge city with all kinds of people, which means there are a lot of opportunities for escorts. You can earn up to £3,000 per week when business is good, and sometimes you can make less.

Escorting is mostly seen as a glamorous life since there are times you can make £1,000 for just 3 hours’ work and you think to yourself how life is easy in this business.

London Escorts

There are plenty of escorts in London, each trying to get their business going and becoming the best in the market. It’s all about connecting with the right clients and building the right relationships in this business. However, while you are doing that, you should avoid getting too attached to clients.

When you let emotions get in your way things can be drastic, and that is how you can spoil your business. The perks of being an escort include going on fancy dinners, meeting high-end clients, being taken on lovely holidays, although it’s not always glamorous. I have been in worst situations with fat smelly people with bad health or bad attitude that you feel like giving up.

Holding Up “Real Love” as an Escort

Holding up “real love” while working as an escort is close to impossible. It’s hard to maintain a long-term relationship with a partner when you’re always with clients. I remember the first time I got into a relationship and didn’t tell my boyfriend. When he found out, it was a disaster, and we had to end the relationship.

It’s not easy to find a partner who will accept your line of work and maintain the relationship as if there’s nothing wrong. That is why holding up “real love” is difficult.

Escort Agency

As an escort, you can either choose to be independent or consider joining an escort agency. There are plenty of agencies hiring escorts to work for them. If you are starting out as an escort, I would recommend first joining an agency to learn how the business works and gain enough experience before you decide to be independent.

Being independent is not easy when you are a beginner. The benefits of joining an agency include:

• You are safe

• Ready clients

• You build connections with other escorts.

• Opportunity to make money faster

Although a lot of people avoid joining escort agencies when they are starting, it’s usually never a good idea. When you join an agency, you’ll learn a lot which will come in handy once you step out and decide to be independent. Therefore, this is something that you need to consider.

The life of an escort is full of adventure and new opportunities. Therefore, the best thing is to embrace everything and keep moving forward in this journey.

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