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All About London Escort

With a cool blend of old and modern developments, London is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to move around and explore with family and friends. That is why a London escort guide is a requisite to spot some of the best places and attraction sites to spend your time in London. An ideal London escort guide should be inclusive of all aspects of life and places in this beautiful and amorphous city. From the historic Tower of London to the ultra-modern London Eye, a London escort tour is an idea worth going through. Experience some of the best moments in your life. We walk you through the most prominent places in London. There are dozens of iconic places to tour on a London escort guide.

The old London superbly features in a London escort. Talking enriching walks and explorations in some of London’s oldest museums is a thrilling adventure. You get up close and in touch with London’s rich culture as you waddle your way through the London museums. A visit to the Queen at the eminent Buckingham Palace is something you’ll badly want to experience.

A London escort without adventuring the world’s famous Tower of London will seem incomplete. With a history of more than 900 years, this old landmark is a royal palace with green lawns and beautiful trees and nature altogether. It served as a royal palace, execution site, zoo, arsenal and a prison a long time ago. It’s a blend of fun and nostalgia beholding the white tower and taking enriching walks on the medieval king’s bedchamber. Crown Jewels on this cool site are still something to spice up your tour. Its old scenes and the modern surroundings create a throwback of sweet memories on the stages of modern civilization and the inevitable change.

Next and of course a memorable advent on a London escort is this famous and iconic skyline called the Shard. With a strategic and unique perspective, the Shard offers some of the best and scenic views in a lifetime. This is a hilarious place to experience perfect views of London stretching as far as 40 miles away. What’s more, the Shard offers visitors an ideal place to spot other iconic places like the Wembley Stadium, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye. The Shard is a remarkable tower stretching up to 800 feet high with about 95 stories.

Your London escort is enriched further with an experience of the London Sealife. This is a lot more about discovering unknown facts about London’s aquatic life. They are the best moments to spot and learn facts of more than 400 species of water life. You get to learn cool facts about the sharks, moray eels and crown fish, just to name a few. There is a lot more to discover. Not to mention the electrifying views of the green turtles and above all, put your nerves to test on the shark walks.

Further, you’ll experience a stunning tour of the famous London Dungeon in the ancient capital. People consider it a site rich with a horrible history. It’s high time to face this experience. Here, you’ll enjoy great moments with live actors, exciting rides and spectacular sites to behold. It’s quality time to fly your mind to the past of London and discover the darkest times in history. You’ll live to remember this adventure all your life.

The next exciting site is the iconic Westminster Abbey. It’s famous for its magnificent infrastructure making it one of the most eminent landmarks in London. Explore the setting of past events and get in touch with first-hand data about its history.

A London escort guide is something to enjoy, ease away the pressures of life. You’ll spend your quality time exploring these famous places and other iconic sites on the world’s top profile. There are dozens of more places to visit in London like the famous St. Paul’s Cathedral, ZSL London Zoo, Thames River boat ride and historic museums.

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