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First Time Experience with an Escort, My Work Colleague

After 3 years of marriage, I got divorced. And after long months without contact with any lady, I decided that I needed to have someone in my life. However, as a divorcee, the challenge was it’s always hard to guess if you’ll get a good treat. I can’t lie; my ex-wife was a goddess in the bedroom, and every thought of meeting another woman who cannot meet my sexual desires always haunted me.

After a thorough soul searching, I had a couple of blind dates set up with my buddies. All through, I was skeptical about making any emotional commitment to anyone. All I need was a good lay down; I was blunt with the ladies I met, which didn’t go well with them. Despite the numerous chances, I was afraid to commit to any lady.

I have a 9-5 job as an accountant in one of the local firms in London. At my workplace, there’s this stunning Australian lady with kissable lips and a curvy body. My male colleagues have tried making out with her, but none has been successful with her. She sits just opposite my desk, and every time I glance at her, she always licks her lips. That act alone would melt my heart, but I was afraid of approaching her. The fear of rejection engulfed me, and I couldn’t take a risk with my work colleague.

There were rumors in the office that she could be bi, but that did not take her beauty. Marian, her name, is a charming lady everyman would want to bed. However, her complexity is that she is afraid of being judged. On Friday after work, I was too horny to stay indoors; I wanted someone to spend quality time with. Someone who would understand that I just wanted sex without any commitment.

After refreshing up, I decided to hop to my laptop and look for a few dating sites. The thought of it was odd at first, but I thought that’s the only way I could get someone who would not demand commitment as opposed to blind dates. I searched for London escorts, and voila! I had tons of sites to choose from. At first, I was shocked at the countless number of escort companies in London readily available to serve horny men like me. In about 2 hours, I found an agency named Cleopatra Escorts that had some pretty ladies.

I went through the profiles available, and one thing sparked me. I viewed one of the photos that looked like that of Marian. For a moment, I thought I was still dreaming of her. I decided to make contact to find out if we could hook up. Much to my doubts, we arranged for a meet up later that evening. I quickly dressed up and drove to the venue.

After a few minutes of waiting, my doubts were cleared; guess who turned up? Marian! When she saw, she gave me that assurance look, that everything was okay and it was pure work. She was wearing this short skirt that revealed her curves and smooth thighs with a tight top that showed her pointing nipples. After a light handshake, I motioned her to a room as I followed closely. I already had an image of how it was going to go down.

Marian was a stallion in bed. For once, I had a taste of what seemed to be out of this world. For sure, whoever said if you have not tasted food cooked by another woman, you might think that your mother is the best cook. I knew my wife was the only goddess in bed, and I thought no one would match her prowess, but Marian proved me wrong. From foreplay to actual sex, she was perfect at all angles. We stayed in the hotel for 6 hours, and after midnight we had to let ourselves lose.

That night when I arrived home, I could not fall asleep. I kept on thinking about her. Besides, I was troubled by what would become of us as colleagues. Would she tell others about what happened?

The following Monday, when we reported to work, everything looked okay, and every time we would steal glances over each other with some pretty smiles like young lovers. As a man, I was proud that I was the first one to bang her. Those were some bragging rights in the bag. To date, she is the one mature escort I always call when my bodily desires get out of control.

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